Apply for Institutional Membership

Join ICDE’s thriving community of educational leaders. All institutions engaged in online, open, and flexible education are welcome to apply for an institutional membership.

Click here to apply for institutional membership

The membership application process is as follows:

  • ICDE Secretariat conducts a preliminary application review.
  • You may be requested to provide official documents about your institution’s legal status and accreditation registration.
  • ICDE Executive Committee conducts an official review and final approval.
  • You are notified of your application status and, if approved, invoiced for the membership fee.

The benefits of becoming an ICDE institutional member include:

  • ICDE membership accounts for multiple members of your institution, from executives to academics and administrators
  • Exclusive access to high-profile summits and meetings
  • Institutional nominations for ICDE OER Chairs
  • Appointment to ICDE Election Committee and Board of Trustees
  • ICDE event hosting opportunities
  • Access to special partnerships with ICDE
  • Engagement with ICDE Quality Review
  • Submissions to Open Praxis Journal
  • Voting rights
  • Visibility in ICDE’s communication platforms

 We accept a variety of institution types as members:

  • Association: a member-based organization that advocates for common educational goals.
  • Company: a business, startup, or for-profit organization that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • Educational network: a consortium of members that work toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • Foundation: a nonprofit corporation whose goal is to offer grants to unrelated organizations, institutions, or individuals for educational purposes.
  • Governmental organization: a government or state agency that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • College or university: an institution that provides higher, postsecondary or tertiary education.
  • Nongovernmental organization: a mission-focused organization with no government ties that promotes education and works toward effecting change in the field of education.
  • Secondary school: an institution that provides secondary education, such as a high school or professional training academy.