Bringing Educational Resources for Teachers in Africa

ICDE's Bringing Educational Resources for Teachers in Africa (BERTA) project aimed to provide teacher educators based in African higher education institutions with the opportunity to engage with examples of distance and eLearning courseware made available as Open Educational Resources in an activity-based way. African educators were invited to take part in a short, open online course to improve skills in learning design, ICT for learning and creativity. 

The course, which ran twice during 2014, was a product of the ICDE BERTA project and the Hands-On ICT project. It was run by ICDE members Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the South African Institute for Distance Education. Thousands of people from more than 100 countries participated in the course. The first edition was delivered in the form of a pilot course in English followed by a second edition offered in seven languages including English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Greek and Catalan.

The course provided the following opportunities: 

  • Learning how to design ICT-based learning activities.
  • Working in small groups with educators from diverse backgrounds around the world.
  • Observing, practising and learning about methods for peer review and peer mentoring.
  • Activities that participants produced could be reused in their actual training plans.
  • Facilitators were experts in Open Distance Learning, Creativity and the Learning Design Studio.


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