ICDE participated at ODSLDA 2016 in Coimbatore, India.

On 24 November, Senior Adviser Torunn Gjelsvik from the ICDE Secretariat gave a key note on “Global trends in Online, Open and Flexible Education” at the International Conference on Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development in Agriculture – ODSLDA – in Coimbatore, India.

The conference was hosted by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, and its mission is to bridge the educational gap and reach out to the rural population of farmers through distance education programmes.

The ICDE presentation focuses on global trends with a perspective of India and its potential and challenges in digital transformation of education.

Torunn Gjelsvik's presentation "Global Trends in Online, Open and Flexible Education" can be explored on Slideshare here.

For more information about the ODSLDA Conference visit the website 


ICDE Webinar Series

ICDE is preparing to host a number of webinars,  targeted primarily at ICDE individual members, however, non ICDE members are also welcome to register.  The webinars will be held in the last part of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. They will be hosted by internationally renowned experts in the field of online, open and flexible education. 

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The webinars are on topics that are central for the development of flexible and technology-enhanced learning and ICDE members, particularly individual members, are invited to register for the webinars and to the ICDE community discussion circle to comment and provide insight and feedback discuss on the specific topics that will be dealt with that are important to you. 

The circle can be accessed here (username and password needed, contact if you need support).

The chosen topics and details are as follow: 


Challenges for leadership in open and distance education
Date: November 11, 9h00 Oslo time
Presenters and Participants: The webinar is hosted by Tian Belawati, rector of Universitas Terbuka in Indonesia and chaired by Alan Tait, ICDE Executive Committee member for individual membership. 
Webinar description: Tian Belawati, rector of Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia will discuss the challenges for leadership in open and distance education. She will present a selection of specific cases in her wide experience and the difficulties that can sometimes be encountered as a practitioner, focusing mainly on quality and advocacy.

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Challenges for quality in open and distance education
When: December 13,  15h00 Oslo time
Presenters and Participants: The webinar will be hosted by Ebba Ossiannilsson, Vice- President of the Swedish Association for Distance Education (ICDE member) and chaired by Alan Tait, ICDE Executive Committee member for individual membership.
Webinar description: Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson will present on quality in the field of online, open, flexibel and technology enabling learning and education and challenges ahead in a time of changes in the global learning and educational landscape. In addition, she will discuss the Incheon and Qingdao declarations related to consequences on quality. The webinar will also discuss process based versus norm based quality enhancement and quality assurance

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Supporting students for success in open and distance education
When: January 18th at 15h00 Oslo time
Presenters and Participants: The webinar is hosted by Alan Tait, from The Open University, UK  (ICDE member) and chaired by Gard Titlestad, Secretary General of ICDE.
Webinar description: Alan Tait will present his report on student success drawing on research findings from a survey of 53 ICDE member institutions. Main topics explored are differences in success between half-time and full-time students, student completion and recommendations for a framework for supporting student success. 

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Co-developing strategies for rural and remote communities
When: February 22, 15h00 Oslo time 
Presenters and Participants: The webinar will be hosted by Maxim Jean-Louis, President and CEO of Contact North | Contact Nord and Tina Reed, driver of Contact North I Contact Nord's overall strategy toward 600 small, rural, remote, Aboriginal and Francophone communities in Canada. The webinar will be chaired by Alan Tait, Executive Committee individual member.
Webinar description: Maxim Jean-Louis and Tina Reed will address three fundamental questions; How access to online and flexible learning increases the capacity of remote and rural communities; How online learning provides opportunities to the disadvantaged and the marginalized; and how engaging a community in a learning agenda helps address the skill gap crisis.

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Open education: what is really happening?
When: March 20, 15h00 Oslo time
Presenters and Participants: The webinar will be hosted by Martin Weller, from the Open University, UK (ICDE member) and chaired by Alan Tait, ICDE Executive Committee member for individual membership.
Webinar description: Martin Weller will address key issues on open education with perspectives on where open education is heading; from the historical background to multiple paradoxes in open practice - and to ways of approaching open education.

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Changing pedagogies for open education
When: April 20, 9h00 Oslo time
Presenters and Participants: The webinar will be hosted by Belinda Tynan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Vice-President, RMIT University, Australia (ICDE member) and chaired by Alan Tait, ICDE Executive Committee member for individual membership.
Webinar description: All forms of education have the power to transform lives- this is undisputed. Over the past 10 years or so there have been a number of drivers in the world that are forcing changes in the way we go about teaching and learning. Or are they? This webinar will discuss the pedagogy of distance, online and open education and how the forces of change are impacting how teaching and learning occurs and what we might need to be looking out for in the future. Join us and bring  your questions for an engaging discussion. 


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Hosting and ICDE Event

ICDE host a number of events and contribute and participate in partner events throughout the year. ICDE members are eligible to host ICDE events, of which there are three types:

ICDE World Conference:

The biennial ICDE World Conference is widely recognized as the leading world event in open and distance education and offers a forum for the presentation of cutting edge developments, network building, and professional development.

The ICDE World Conference attracts an average of 800 participants representing the research community, teaching staff, students in open, distance and e-learning, management of educational institutions, policy makers, the public sector, relevant professional associations and both training companies and suppliers from the private sector.

The last ICDE World Conference was hosted by UNISA, South Africa. Visit the 26th ICDE World Conference website for more information. 
The 27th ICDE World Conference will be hosted in 2017 by Contact North, Canada. Click here for more information. 

Presidents' Summit

Up to now, the Presidents´ Summit (the ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents) has been an annual forum of policy level decision makers from ICDE member institutions, invited institutions and co-operating organizations. The meeting has provided a unique opportunity for Rectors, Presidents, and Chief Executive Officers from around the world to meet to exchange information, share expertise and knowledge, establish benchmarks, and determine advocacy directions. The meetings have been entirely confidential and the meetings enable institutional executive leaders the opportunity to speak freely in a peer-to-peer environment on a wide range of critical and extraordinarily sensitive subjects.

In connection with the Presidents' Meeting, ICDE usually organizes the ICDE Policy Forum which is ICDE members’ yearly forum for handling issues of major interest for members. ICDE and its Executive Committee provide general guidance, and hold the main responsibility for the content of the Policy Forum while the host provides the venue, support services, workshop arrangements and facilitates the organization of the event.

The last ICDE Presidents' Summit was hosted by UNISA, South Africa. Visit the 2015 ICDE Presidents' Summit website for more information.
The 2016 ICDE Presidents' Summit will be hosted by Charles Sturt University, Australia. Click here for more information.

International Conferences:  

ICDE International Conferences are hosted by ICDE member institutions who are invited to submit ongoing declarations of interest for hosting an ICDE International Conference. Dependent on the needs of ICDE member institutions and the strategic direction of ICDE, bids from members in different regions will be given priority.

Submitting a proposal to host an ICDE event:

ICDE will launch a call for hosts for the ICDE World Conference and ICDE Presidents' Summit through the ICDE Presidents' Letter and via the ICDE website.

Applications for hosting an ICDE event will need to include the following:

  • A covering letter explaining the applicability of the institution for hosting the event.
  • An official endorsement by the Head of the institution.
  • A description of the institution’s ability to provide quality of organization and planning, information and marketing, and programme content.
  • A description of the benefits of the proposed location.
  • A detailed description of options for venues and facilities.
  • A description of hotel options.
  • A milestone plan for the preparation of the conference.
  • A breakdown of expected costs, including a proposal for conference fees.
  • A communication plan.
  • A short description for an abstract review system and a delegate registration system.
  • A description of the potential for attracting sponsors.

For further information please contact the ICDE Secretariat.