ICDE Operational Network

In recognition of the importance of strengthening cooperation and reinforcing the impact of activities of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and its network of members globally, ICDE have launched a regional Operational Network.


Purpose of the regional Operational Networks: 

  • Strengthen ICDE as membership driven organization and offer a regional localised support structure
  • Strengthen the visibility and representation of ICDE around the world
  • Increase ICDE’s operational capacity, global insight and it will support global knowledge exchange

ICDE are working in partnership with the following organisations and institutions. To get in touch with the different regional ICDE Operational Networks see contact details below. 

ICDE Operational Network Africa 

Regional Partner: African Virtual University, Kenya.
Contact person: Mathias Goldstein
Email address: icde_on:_africa@icde.org

ICDE Operational Network Asia Pacific

Regional Partner: Universitas Terbuka (UT)
Contact person: Suci Isman
Email address: icde_on_aspac@icde.org

ICDE Operational Network Boldic

Regional Partner: Swedish National Organization for Distance Education (SADE)
Contact person: Ebba Ossiannilsson
Email address: icde_on­_boldic@icde.org

ICDE Operational Network Mediterranean and Southern Europe

Regional Partner: The International University, (UNINETTUNO)
Contact person: Nicola Paravati
Email address: icde_on_medse@icde.org


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