Feasibility study for a project for Global Open Library (GOL) for higher education

The idea is to make access to quality assured licenced OERs for curricula / grades in Higher Education available across countries, across languages and across cultures.

 Open Education Resources and ICDE

Info note in relation to the LangOER Conference on Open Education: Promoting diversity for European Languages, 26-27 September 2016.

 ICDE Chairs in OER

The ICDE Chairs in Open Educational Resources (OER) is a network that, where possible, works in collaboration with UNESCO and existing UNESCO Chairs in OER.

The network of ICDE Chairs in Open Educational Resources (OER) currently consists of 6 distinguished and internationally recognized academics in the field of OER.

 ICDE OER Advocacy Committee

At the 27th ICDE World Conference in Toronto, October 2017, ICDE launched a committee for the global advocacy of OER as a reinforcement and support to the ICDE Chairs in OER. Paul Bardack, the Chair Emeritus of the United States Distance Learning Association, serves as the first Chairperson of the Committee, that works to increase global recognition of OER; and to provide policy support for the uptake, use and reuse of OER.

ICDE Reports

OER is important because it provides affordable material to students, allows faculty to enhance their own work, and provides faculty with content for classes. To support the international higher education community, ICDE has compiled the following reports to further the work and understanding of open education resources. 


ICDE is a partner in the project LangOER: Enhance Teaching and Learning of Less Used Languages through Open Education Resources (OER) and  Open Educational Practices (OEP).


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