Past Events

ICDE Leadership Summit 2017: Leadership when transforming education through learning analytics and adaptive learning

Before known as the ICDE Presidents’ Summit, now known as the ICDE Leadership Summit. ICDE invited for many types of leaders in education, particularly those who have an interest in learning and teaching in the digital age and learning analytics.

Visionary Leadership for Digital Transformation: Forum Proceedings

The event was organized in partnership with ICDE, UNESCO and the project D-Transform, who together took the initiative to mobilise globally for visionary leadership of digital transformation of higher education.


ICDE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2017: Conference Proceedings 

The 2017 ICDE International Conference was hosted by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning and took place in Pune, India from 10-11 March 2017 under the theme Unleashing the Potential of ODL ‘Reaching the unreached'. The conference was attended by more than 120 delegates from 15 countries.


ICDE PRESIDENTS’ SUMMIT 2016: Conference Proceedings 

The 2016 ICDE Presidents' Summit was hosted by Charles Sturt University and took place in Sydney, Australia from 20-23 November 2016 under the theme ‘A New Era of Leadership & Quality, The Business of Open & Distance Learning 2020 .’ The conference, attended by  115 delegates from over 32 countries.


26th ICDE World Conference, ICDE Presidents' Summit and High Level Policy Forum (13-17 October 2015, South Africa)

The 26th ICDE World Conference, hosted by the University of South Africa (UNISA), took place at Sun City in South Africa from 14 to 16 October 2015 under the theme ‘growing capacities for sustainable distance e-learning provision.’

The conference, attended by nearly 1,000 participants from 67 countries across the globe, was a ‘three in one’ event. Three events ran at the same time – the world conference itself, the ICDE Presidents’ Summit and the High Level Policy Forum.


UNESCO-ICDE Global High Level Policy Forum (9-11 June 2015, Paris, France)

Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want.

Over 150 participants from more than 55 countries around the world participated in the Global High Level Policy Forum, organized by UNESCO in partnership with ICDE. The Forum was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 9-11 June 2015.


ICDE Presidents' Summit 2014 (19-21 November 2014, Bali Indonesia)

The ICDE Presidents’ Summit 2014, hosted by Universitas Terbuka, took place from 19-21 November in Bali and was attended by Presidents, Rectors and Vice-Chancellors from higher education institutions across the globe.

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ICDE International Conference (25-26 September 2014, Moscow, Russia)

Nearly 200 people from countries across the globe met in Moscow for the ICDE International Conference on 25-26 September 2014, with the theme of 'connecting the world through open, distance and e-learning'. The conference was hosted by ICDE member, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. The day prior to the conference, members of the programme committee and conference speakers were invited to a round table discussion about open education, hosted by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

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ICDE Presidents' Summit (27-30 November 2013, Lisbon, Portugal)

The Presidents' Summit 2013 was hosted by Universidade Aberta in collaboration with the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN). The meeting tackled the issue of leadership for change in a time of openness. The programme included 3 expert keynote speakers, an Innovative Leadership Workshop, and the ICDE Policy Forum co-organized with UNESCO.


25th ICDE World Conference (16-18 September 2013, Tianjin, China)

The 25th ICDE World Conference on Open and Distance Learning began on 16 October with an opening keynote by Asha Kanwar, President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning. It is being hosted this year by Tianjin Open University in this provincial capital 120km from Beijing, with approximately 700 participants. 

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ICDE International Conference (7-9 March 2013, Madrid, Spain)

The UNED-ICDE 2013 International Conference took place 7-9 March 2013 in Madrid, Spain, and the conference attracted over two hundred participants from 44 different countries spanning five continents.

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